Clinical Supervision

Along with counseling services therapists may receive clinical supervision to complete hours needed for licensure and to maintain a healthy practice of case review and self care. New and seasoned practitioners alike can benefit from a safe place to explore their unique growing edge, have a legally sanctioned way to discuss confidential material and gain support for their work with children and families.

When new to the field we know what we know and are enthusiastic about putting that into practice. As most practitioners will readily admit, the real education begins once we are alone in the room with our “clients” relying on the information we have brought with us. Quickly we realize what we don’t know and seek that out through specialized training, continued education venues, work in the field and supervision or consultation. As we progress to higher levels, we don’t know what we don’t know and that is the value of teachers to help us to see. Being willing to look inward, to put wisdom to work in our own lives, and to learn that which we are unaware is missing (or impacting our work) is the mark of an impeccable clinician. All we can do is our best and our best is influenced by the time and effort we put into becoming just that.

I bring ten years of experience in the public mental health arena serving families (many high-risk) dealing with trauma, sexual assault to children and adults, divorce, grief and loss, depression, domestic violence and living with mental illness. Interventions used range from Play Therapy for young children to, Individual Therapy for specific needs to Family Therapy using parent child interaction to guide the process when appropriate and possible. When children are involved, multiple systems generally are as well: DSS, Community Support, School Systems, Early Intervention, Special Therapies or multiple therapists. Learn how to interface ethically, efficiently and in a culturally sensitive manner in meeting the needs of the client(s). Learn about clinical boundaries, what they are, and how to maintain them for the protection of yourself and your clients.
Having worked within the mental health system during these years of mental health reform, I am very familiar with the toll these changes have the potential to take on professionals regardless of our years of service. Often interfacing with the systems at large and the many expectations of us within these systems takes a larger toll than the actual clinical work we have come to do. Learning to navigate these waters and not become submerged, or find ourselves gasping for air, requires being balanced in our lives. Clinical supervision is a place to find out how to do this and how to take good care of ourselves in the process so we do not burn out or risk doing harm.

In the private arena I work with individuals, couples and families. One area of expertise I bring to the counseling and supervision setting is an in depth working knowledge of the Parenting with Love and Logic Curriculum. This is very useful when working with families where there are parenting stresses and concerns.

I also offer a specialty incorporating indigenous healing practices and ceremonies into our lives and work, with years of apprenticed study. Healers who operate with integrity from a position of balanced personal power gain access to more tools in assisting clients in their healing journey. It accelerates our ongoing healing, which then accelerates the healing we are able to facilitate in others. In order to guide our clients we must know the trail well.

At Integral Counseling Services, PLLC your well being and growth are what is important. This is offered individually and sometimes in a group setting to learn new skills within the safety of a trusted circle of peers.

Fees for Clinical Supervision: Sliding Scale Fee: $100 – $80

Please feel free to speak with me if finances are a barrier in your seeking the clinical supervision you want and deserve!

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Your well being and growth are what is important. This is offered individually and sometimes in a group setting to learn new skills within the safety of a trusted circle of peers.