Drumsong Sanctuary

archDrumsong Sanctuary of the Soul is located on a wooded ten-acre lot within a 250 acre corridor of minimally developed land. It is a 15 minute stroll from the Haw River, in the southwest corner of Orange County, North Carolina.

Here the land fosters the ability to take note of what is significant and essential in life and build on that. I work with people to heal what no longer serves them so they can devote their attention to what they wish to do with their lives. 

It is a 20 minute drive through the countryside from Chapel Hill, Hillsborough and Mebane respectively. From Durham or Pittsboro (depending upon which end and route taken) it is a thirty or forty minute drive; and just under an hour from Raleigh.
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dolphinsI have always felt that reconnecting to nature is an important part of the healing process for people with our fast paced, over extended and fragmented lifestyles. For this reason I have maintained a private office with close proximity to the natural world where we can tangibly feel our roots, look out the window at the hummingbirds, gardens in bloom, or fall leaves fluttering by. For some, the inner work may even take place outside. Children often benefit from strolls in the woods while working on their issues for example. Many a bereaved person has found solace, grounding and support sitting at the base of one of the grand beech trees found on the land. In this private setting freedom of expression is encouraged and aided by the non-judgmental spaciousness and comfort of the natural world. Time seems to be altered when we allow the beauty of nature to hold us in her healing embrace.

On the land here we have a sweat lodge, women’s moon lodge, medicine wheel and fire circle for ceremony and drumming.  There is a creek that meanders through the ten acres and walking trails. The perennial gardens are in their glory through spring and summer attracting songbirds and butterflies. Deer may cross your path while approaching, please drive slowly.

Sometimes we hold healing retreats here for people to come together on the land in ceremony, workshops, and gatherings all pitching in to create and experience a healing community. This rejuvenation, fresh perspective, and deep connection is then carried out into our lives and larger communities.