Fees and Insurance

FEES FOR COUNSELING: My adjustable fee scale rates for counseling (when not using insurance) are listed on Page 5 of the Business Policies and Procedures document. If using insurance your co-pay or co-insurance will be determined before your appointment based on your policy deductible and plan . This will necessitate my getting that information ahead of time or your finding out that information from the insurance company.
Please download and print the correct forms prior to our first appointment

Pay for your session using PayPal

INSURANCE: I am on a few insurance panels. You will need to check your insurance (or ask me) to see if I am covered in or out of network. Please be advised that using insurance for mental health services translates into less confidentiality due to the right of insurance companies to review your medical records and manage your ‘care’. It also necessitates a DSM-IV or ICD-9 diagnosis that remains in your insurance record and can impact future coverage and benefits.

APPOINTMENTS: Daytime and evening hours. Occasional Saturdays. Call Miriam Lieberman at 919 304-5754 (office) or 919 618-4919 (cell). Both have confidential voice mails. If someone other than myself answers the office phone you may always request to redial and let voice mail pick up if you prefer to bypass a third party.